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The adjustable, customizable BullHug Harness is bulldog strong for even the strongest of breeds with extreme comfort for your fur baby. 

No Choke. BullHug Harness are completely non-choking. Specially designed with a beefy Metal Leash Ring for secure dog walks, the BullHug harness goes around the chest and is great for easy casual walks, jogging, hiking, or wherever you and your pup's adventures take you!

Goes on Easy! Unlike some harnesses, BullHug is incredibly easy to put on your pup. Just slip it over your dog's head, and clasp the heavy-duty fast-release plastic side release buckle. 

Fully Adjustable. There two spots where you can adjust your BullHug Harness. Velcro adjustments around the chest make it very easy to size the Harness precisely to your dog's body for ultimate comfort. An additional plastic adjustment on the bottom of the harness lets you dial it in even further. The result is secure, strong, and comfortable, but offers room for growth.

Customizable Patches Give Your Dog Personality! Your pooch deserve a little swagger. Each BullHug Harness comes with a removable BullHug velcro patch that can be replaced with customizable patches that say your dog's name, Service Dog, or whatever you decide!   

Available in a variety of seasonal and standard colors. 

It’s Not a Harness. It’s a Hug.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Adorable and vibrant colors!

We chose this print for our English girl and it looks so cute on her and fits great.

Katie Crowley
Great quality, easy use

Absolutely love this harness more than any of the others! Great quality, easy use and the handle on top can be a game changer lol!


Great fit

Stephanie Boor
Love it but...

I love the harness and it fits Winnie great. I took off one star as the stitching on the handle already started to come apart.

Mark Poulton
Best harness

We'd spent a while searching for a replacement harness as out puppy grew out of hers. We chose the bulldog harness as it offered ple ty more room for her to grow, was comfortable and didn't have large areas of thick fabric which would cause her to get too hot. It's easy to fit, is well constructed and uilt to last. Would buy another

Christina Lewis
Tie dye harness

I love the harness almost as much as my frenchie does! We have always had issues with him pulling, he thinks he's the lead dog in the Iditarod at all times. Since purchasing the bullhug harness he no longer pulls at all. It's a complete turn around and walking the dog is no longer an agonizing chore but a fun ordeal for all of us. Thank you! We love your product, but I am sad that there is not a leash to match the harness, if you have the time please make those available for those of us who bought the harness.

Nikki Bechen


Erin Anderson

It's cute. I like it, but it's lightweight. I expected it to be a little bit heavier for the price. The quality seems decent though. I would purchase harnesses in the future from Bulldoghug.

Heidi Washington-Akers

Love the harness & name badges! Great quality and only had to order because another pup ate the buckle on the first one!

Jennifer Greenwood

So cute. Easy to adjust and put on the puppers