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My Bulldog Mama Story

I got Chief, my first Bulldog ‘fur baby’, about two years ago. At the time, I was hesitant because I knew very little about the breed. Didn’t they slobber endlessly like in the cartoons? Don’t they have a reputation for being insanely tenacious?

Needless to say, when I met Chief, it was love at first snuggle. This stocky little guy with floppy ears wrapped his pudgy little paw around my heart and has been squeezing ever since.

But Chief needed a brother! Someone to make mischief with…someone to keep him company when I leave the house. So one became two when I got a beautiful male named Monkey. As I fell more and more in love with these two and the breed in general, the pattern continued. I got my first girl, Margie, all the way from the UK. It was then that I decided I wanted to breed Bulldogs and bring my joy to others.

I quit my job as a restaurant manager and dove in headfirst and a bit out of my depth. My bulldog family expanded to include two more girls, Bambi and Bon, who have since been joined by two more, Rari and Flaka.

Breeding Bullies has brought so much happiness to me and others, that I was determined to be the best mama to these guys, making sure they get the proper diet, care, and exercise. Which leads me back to a point I made earlier.

Bulldogs are seriously and notoriously hard to walk. They have fierce strength in their front legs. More than once I got the legendary heckle “Who’s walking who?” as I tumbled down the street after them. More than anything, I worried they were either choking on their collars or a poorly made harness was cutting into their skin.

That all changed when I discovered a harness that is bulldog strong, but completely comfortable for all my dogs, and for me. I eventually named it BullHug, which speaks to my love of this particular breed as much as it does to the rugged strength and extreme comfort of the product.

It’s Not a Harness. It’s a Hug.