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The adjustable, customizable BullHug Harness is bulldog strong for even the strongest of breeds with extreme comfort for your fur baby. 

No Choke. BullHug Harness are completely non-choking. Specially designed with a beefy Metal Leash Ring for secure dog walks, the BullHug harness goes around the chest and is great for easy casual walks, jogging, hiking, or wherever you and your pup's adventures take you!

Goes on Easy! Unlike some harnesses, BullHug is incredibly easy to put on your pup. Just slip it over your dog's head, and clasp the heavy-duty fast-release plastic side release buckle. 

Fully Adjustable. There two spots where you can adjust your BullHug Harness. Velcro adjustments around the chest make it very easy to size the Harness precisely to your dog's body for ultimate comfort. An additional plastic adjustment on the bottom of the harness lets you dial it in even further. The result is secure, strong, and comfortable, but offers room for growth.

Customizable Patches Give Your Dog Personality! Your pooch deserve a little swagger. Each BullHug Harness comes with a removable BullHug velcro patch that can be replaced with customizable patches that say your dog's name, Service Dog, or whatever you decide!    ( Patches sold separate) 

Available in a variety of seasonal and standard colors. 

It’s Not a Harness. It’s a Hug.

Small 19in-24in 

Medium 24in-29in

Large 29in-33in  

XL 32in-36in 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Brian Keith
Perfect for my bully

We tried other collars and harnesses and they never fit right I ordered the bullhug with no expectations and I am happy to say it fits perfect and meatball (my bully) is comfortable when we go for walks...ty

Melissa Redmon

This is our 2nd harness because our boy is growing. We love them!

A harness that fits!!!

Love everything about it! Finally a nice comfy harness that fits my lil man Dozer and slips right off without pulling his ears off!

Juliana Heredia
Love it!

We love this harness! And the customer service is amazing!

Michaela Caballero
We should have gotten one sooner

This harness is amazing. Our bulldog is 6 and he weighs about 75-80 pounds and the XL fits him just right. It has made such a difference! You can just tell he’s comfortable. We regret not getting one sooner.

Love this harness!

My English bulldog is the first one I've ever had. I have had such a tough time fitting a harness with his Frame. Regular harnesses just never quite fit him right because he is much wider than he is long. I finally decided to purchase Bullhug and it fits him perfectly! I am so relieved we can walk him comfortably with a well fit harness for his body type AND not worry about the harness being too close to his neck area. All I can say is I wish I would've bought it sooner! Thank you Bullhug for thinking of our special shaped bullys! ❤️

Max Correa
Amazing product!

Our recently adopted bulldog Stanley loves his bull hug! And as an owner I love the quality of the product!

Leanna Gatlin

We love the new harnesses!

Lori Mills

Awesome product! Works better than any others I've tried!

Laurie Ackerson
Quality harness which my skittish dog can’t back out of.

This is a very nice, well made harness. My dog is 1/2 French bulldog, 1/2 chihuahua. He has the barrel chest. But he is only 21 lbs. The under-arm buckle seems big for him. But adjusted with the front velcro, it doesn’t seem to rub. I would like this harness made with smaller buckles for small dogs. The small fits him size-wise. The buckle being big is the only thing I would change. Overall a great harness. Strap on top to lift him is helpful.