Check out our Green Buffalo Plaid Combo Set!

Check out our Green Buffalo Plaid Combo Set!

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Introducing the "Buffalo Green Plaid" BullHug Combo Set – The Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort, and Safety for Your Furry Companion!

Product of the week: The Buffalo Green Plaid BullHug Combo Set is here, just in time to get your pups ready for the holiday season! Whether you're taking your furry friend on a winter adventure or simply going for a stroll around the neighborhood, this combo set has got you covered.

Style and Safety Combined

No Choke: Specifically crafted for Bulldogs, Frenchies, and Pugs, our harness ensures secure and non-choking walks. The robust metal leash ring adds extra safety to your outings, whether it's a casual stroll, jog, hike, or any adventure you and your furry friend embark on.

Easy to Put On: Say goodbye to complicated harnesses! BULLHUG is hassle-free. Simply slip it over your squishy-faced dog's head and fasten the heavy-duty plastic buckle for a secure fit.

Fully Adjustable: Achieve the perfect fit with dual adjustment options. Velcro adjustments around the chest and a bottom plastic adjustment provide ultimate comfort and room for growth. Your Bulldog's comfort is our priority.

Customize Your Look

Add a touch of personality to your pup's style with our removable BullHug velcro patch. Represent your dog's unique personality or show off their holiday spirit with our variety of patch options!

A Variety of Colors

Available in seasonal and standard colors, our "Buffalo Green Plaid" Combo Set offers a stylish twist to traditional harnesses. It's not just a harness; it's a hug!

Find the Ideal Fit

  • Small: 19in-24in
  • Medium: 24in-29in
  • Large: 29in-33in
  • XL: 32in-36in

Choose the "Buffalo Green Plaid" BullHug Combo Set for a delightful blend of style, comfort, and safety. Make each walk a fashionable adventure for your cherished fur baby!

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