''ICE CREAM CONES" BullHug Harness

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No Choke: BULLHUG Bulldog, English Bulldog, Frenchie, Pug Harness are completely non-choking. Specially designed with a beefy Metal Leash Ring for secure dog walks, the BullHug harness goes around the chest and is great for easy casual walks, jogging, hiking, or wherever you and your pup's adventures take you!

Goes on Easy! Unlike some harnesses, BULLHUG is incredibly easy to put on your English Bulldog, French Bulldog & Pug . Just slip it over your Squishy face dog's head, and clasp the heavy-duty fast-release plastic side release buckle.

Fully Adjustable: There are two spots where you can adjust your BULLHUG Harness. Velcro adjustments around the chest make it very easy to size the Harness precisely to your English Bulldogs body for ultimate comfort. An additional plastic adjustment on the bottom of the harness lets you dial it in even further. The result is secure, strong, and comfortable, but offers room for growth.

Each BULLHUG Harness comes with a removable BullHug velcro patch that can be replaced with customizable patches.

Available in a variety of seasonal and standard colors. It’s Not a Harness. It’s a Hug.

Small 19in-24in 

Medium 24in-29in

Large 29in-33in  

XL 32in-36in 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alexia Ball

We love our new harnesses!

John Ward

Sweet Buttered Lightning aka Butter loves her new harness!

Tonya May

This is the only brand we buy for our frenchies and our English bulldog! ❤️

Joelle Gotwals

Ruthie lives her new harness

Donna Hatfield

Lindsey and Bullhug are the best! These are super cute, fashionable, make statements every where you go, eyecatchers and if your little fat babies aren’t enough to get a conversation started the harness will!

Brittney Stephens

Love this design and company! Thank you bullhug! ♥️

Shawna Anderson

I ordered on Monday and it arrived Thursday!! I can’t wait for our newest pup to be able to fit into her first Bullhug.